I love writing letters. Love letters, apology letters, long distance letters. I remember the first time i wrote a letter was when my best friend moved away and- being 10- we thought it would be much like a film if we exchanged letters across the continents. When I cant find the right words to say to someone i write them a letter, i usually write letters to the people who mean the most to me because i am lost for words around them. I have written letters and never sent them, a prime example being the letter i wrote to a dear friend, i wrote it to explain the crazy and contrasting feelings i had for her, i wrote that letter in hope to move past those feelings, i sealed it and hid it under my bed until one day i gave it to my friend and confident Riri, i told her to keep it safe and in the unlikely event of my suicide, give it to who it was written for. I write all my letters in purple pen- purple is my favourite colour- and i attempt my best handwriting, but im afraid that is- even at its best- only just legible! Receiving letters is a completely different topic to writing them, when i receive a letter its interesting to see what colour pen they used, which paper it was written on and their errors, errors however are not really negative things, they are just another insight into that person, i remember one of the most beautiful letters i have ever received and how with every spelling error in there, the beauty- in my eyes- of the writer was increased.